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Is Epic Honey good for allergies?

The closer to the raw and natural state a honey is, the more local pollens will be found and distributed to the body when consumed. Epic Honey is the result of a cooperative effort between beekeepers and wranglers at apiaries all over Texas, the United States, Mexico, Africa, and beyond. If you're looking for a honey that can help acclimate you to local pollens, you'll want to choose a honey from a hive as close to your current location as possible. If you're interested in tasting honey like a fine-wine, then feel free to explore and expand your honey palate to new possibilities.

Is Epic Honey local?

It depends on where you live. We have co-op apiaries all over Texas, the United States, Mexico, Africa, and beyond. Check each product page to see where the beehive every honey came from is located. Many of our limited honey reserves will be local to you! Others will be a fun exploration of new tastes. Enjoy.

Why does your honey taste so different (and more delicious) than the honey I'm used to?

Much of the honey you buy in the little plastic bear or at the supermarket have either had fructose (or some other sweetener) added after the fact or have been blended with "other" bulk honey and cooked to match an expected flavor.
Epic Honey is never cooked, always raw, and takes on the flavor profile of whatever our bees were foraging on at the time. Because of this, no two batches of Epic Honey will ever taste the same and each has an increased medicinal value. That's why we call our honey—limited reserve honey.

How should you taste honey?

Just like wine cultivated from grapes grown in different regions, honey connoisseurs know that there are a wide range of wild honey flavors – and they don’t taste anything like that super-sweet concoction you purchase in the little plastic bear from the grocery store. The flavor actually comes from what the bees forage within a three-mile radius of the hive. Like a fine wine, your first taste should direct you to what the bees foraged on, and then, in the back of your throat, detect the sweetness. Imagine an unmistakable avocado or mango first-impression taste with just an undertone or afterthought of sweet.

Taste isn’t the only indicator that sets apart a truly wild honey, however. Color varies just as widely and has a vast spectrum depending on the forage density of a hive. We’ve been trained by the honey industry that honey comes in a plastic bear and is gold in color, but like so many marketing messages, this is just one aspect of a food love story that is multi-dimensional in nature.

Is your honey bee-approved?

Yes! At Epic Honey, we’ve partnered with the American Honey Bee Protection Agency and profits from our honey go to support their bee rescue, relocation, and rehabilitation of wild honey bees. All of our honey comes from cooperative relationships with beekeepers and bee wranglers who treat their bees with respect, allow them to forage naturally, and make sure there are not nearby farms spraying pesticides which could hurt bee colonies.

Do you donate the proceeds of all of your products or just the honey?

We are committed to donating profits from the sale of every product in the Epic Honey store to the American Honey Bee Protection Agency. Whatever your purchase, every $10 you spend helps us save around 2,500 bees, together.

How long does shipping take?

Depending on what you order, shipping can take anywhere from 3 days to 5 weeks. Our honey is truly on a limited supply and often we have to go out and actually pull it from the hives. This process takes time.
Many of our ancillary products ship from vendors we've partnered with who also share a commitment to helping us save the bees. We've done the best we can to give you an accurate assessment of the shipping times for each product on every individual product page. 

Do you really save the bees?

Yes. We donate profits from every single product sold to the American Honey Bee Protection Agency and many of us actually go out as a team to rescue beehives on a regular basis. These beehives, which were up for extermination by poison are rescued and then relocated to one of our apiaries. We then rehabilitate those hives over a 90-day period until they are producing honey at a healthy level, once again. Your purchase makes this bee rescue work possible. Thank you.