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About Epic Honey

Every $20 you spend in the Epic Honey store saves 5,000 bees!

Now, that's epic.


Did you know that natural honey has been known to have medicinal properties, tastes delicious, and can also be fermented to make Mead? But that’s not all. Honey has been a part of nearly every epic narrative ever told throughout history…
In Ancient India lips anointed with honey have been associated with eloquence and prophetic ability. The bee was even seen as a symbol of immortality and resurrection. The Kalevala, an epic poem out of Finland, tells how honey brought a mother’s dead son back to life. Gandhi ate honey before each of his spiritual fasts.
In Greece, it was thought that good souls actually came back as bees. Dionysus, the god of winemaking, was even fed by bees as a baby and Zeus, too, fed on milk and honey. Should we turn to the epics of the Bible, Moses led his people to a land flowing with milk and honey. While Jesus first appeared after the resurrection and was given a honeycomb.
Throughout history, bees have been regarded as divine messengers. It’s no wonder that the movement to ditch machine-processed or adulterated honey and resurrect the all-natural life-giving drink of the gods has gained so much momentum.
Epic Honey is life-giving in its truest sense. It is the result of an audacious mission that saves and reinforces how important the bees are to us all. Mythology aside—if the bees die, we die.
Every jar of Epic Honey is the result of rescued bees, who were up for extermination, but nobly saved in their final moments and relocated to a safe haven, where they could continue serving the population at large. Proceeds from your purchase, today, go directly towards the efforts of saving hundreds of thousands of bees every month.
Every $20 you spend with Epic Honey Co. saves right around 5,000 bees through our partnership with the American Honey Bee Protection Agency.
And if legend has it, consuming Epic Honey might just help you develop prophetic abilities or raise the consciousness of the planet—at the very least, it will taste delicious.
If your only honey experience has been from a plastic bottle at the supermarket, find out why natural honey tastes a hundred times better and was the preferred drink of the gods.
All of our honey is limited reserve rescue honey, meaning we didn't push our bees to overproduce or blend this with some “other” bulk honey. This honey came straight out of a beehive and into the jar. Because we take such care in our process, we are only able to produce small runs of each honey profile. Once each flavor profile of honey is gone, it's gone. This honey will have a slightly different flavor profile every time we pull it from the hive. But every time, you can bet it'll be delicious.
Honey takes on the flavor profile of whatever plants the bees were foraging on. Each of our honey jars is packed full of flavor—mango honey, avocado honey, jungle flower, wildflower, Texas brush, guajillo, African, and more. We promise you’ve never tasted honey like ours.
At Epic Honey, we make sure our honey is chemical free and all-natural, too. We maintain the integrity of our hives by assuring nearby farmers do not spray pesticides, so our bee colonies are never in danger.
We really like bees. That's why we practice "bee approved" beekeeping and bee wrangling, then donate the profits from our honey to a powerful, no-kill bee rescue operation at the American Honey Bee Protection Agency.
Epic Honey Headquarters are located in Keep it Weird Austin, Texas, but we work with beekeepers, wranglers, and enthusiasts all over the world.
Saving the bees on a global scale? That sounds pretty epic to us.
Want to know where to start? Our 5-jar honey sampler is as good a place as any.