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Medical-Grade Superfood Honey ™

Medical-Grade Honey ™


Our Medical-Grade Honey ™ begins with bees that have been fed a proprietary diet of healthy nutrients and compounds which have been shown to offer many health benefits to humans. When the bees eat our proprietary bee food these nutrients get mixed with the enzymes in their special honey tummy. They forage on the nectar of local blossoms and return to the hive to create our unique Medical-Grade Honey ™!

We also start with all-natural, unfiltered, unadulterated Honey and enhance it with specific Superfoods that are power-packed with healthy nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. The antiviral properties of honey are well known the world over and has been used for thousands of years to heal wounds and fight viral infections. By adding specific Superfoods to our all-natural Honey, each with their own unique health benefits, we have created a powerful line of immune-boosting, healthy Medical-Grade Honey ™ products for you to enjoy!