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What Do I Do When I Get Stung By a Bee?

When stung by a bee, your ability to focus is important.

One thing I do when I get stung by a bee, instead of concentrating on the pain or swelling, I'll instead try and taste what the venom actually tastes like.

I'll try and figure out what flower the bees have been pollinating or foraging on to make the venom taste like that.

Sometimes when a bee stings you, it doesn't hurt very much but it swells like crazy. Sometimes it doesn't swell at all, but it hurts and burns.

While all of that is happening, there is a venom that's being released into your system and you can taste what the bees have been foraging on.

Focusing on that taste, for me, has allowed my mind to focus on the value of the venom rather than that intensity of the pain.

Another side effect of the venom is that it triggers your body to release collagen, which is what the swelling is all about.

Collagen helps repairs tendons and ligaments and can be beneficial to arthritis symptoms.

Perhaps bee stings aren't all bad.

—Walter "Bee'Czar" Schumacher