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Why are Bees Endangered? How to help…

January 19, 2017 by Bee 'Czar1

Rarely can I say, “I wrote the book on this,” but when it comes to endangered bees, that’s the case.

In my book, To Bee or Not To Bee, I discuss the hideous human beings for profit on this planet that sell comfort to ever citizen of this planet.

It sounds grim, but it’s pointing to a truth that is liberating.

We all know that even non-lethal pesticides, over time, have an unfortunate effect on insects.

Insecticide companies will spend millions of dollars on PR to convince the public that their insecticides are not actually causing harmful effects to the overall insect population and earth, but that’s just not so.

Honey bees are a keystone species. In the ocean, the squid is a keystone species. Without the squid there are not breeds of shark, swordfish, tuna, etcetera. Without the squid, all these other species cannot exist.

The honey bee pollinates almost all of the food that human beings eat. Without the honey bee our food production is reduced between 40 and 70-percent. Not only does the food supply decrease for humans, but also for cows, deer, and other proteins.

Without the honey bee, all of our proteins begin to disappear as well.

If the honey bee disappears, 70-percent of all of our food is gone within 8 months. Within a year and a half, almost all protein is gone.

That’s why supporting companies like Epic Honey and the American Honey Bee Protection Agency is so important. Proceeds go to saving the honey bee and keeping our food supply alive and well.

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  • donna

    March 9, 2018 at 4:36 am

    ….WELL SAID! great points and a simple solution. There’s a lot to be said for a good old fashioned fly swatter. We’ve been hoodwinked to think insecticides are a convenience.

    Bravo Walter!


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