The life-giving
drink of the gods

Did you know that natural honey has been known to have medicinal properties, tastes delicious, and can also be fermented to make Mead? But that’s not all. Honey has been a part of nearly every epic narrative ever told throughout history…

In Ancient India lips anointed with honey have been associated with eloquence and prophetic ability. The bee was even seen as a symbol of immortality and resurrection. The Kalevala, an epic poem out of Finland, tells how honey brought a mother’s dead son back to life.

In Greece, it was thought that good souls actually came back as bees. Dionysus, the god of winemaking, was even fed by bees as a baby and Zeus, too, fed on milk and honey. Should we turn to the epics of the Bible, Moses led his people to a land flowing with milk and honey. While Jesus first appeared after the resurrection and was given a honeycomb.

Throughout history, bees have been regarded as divine messengers. It’s no wonder that the movement to ditch machine-processed honey and resurrect the all-natural life-giving drink of the gods has gained so much momentum.

Epic Honey is life-giving in its truest sense. It’s the result of an audacious mission that saves and reinforces how important the bees are to us all. Mythology aside—if the bees die, we die.

Every jar of Epic Honey is the result of rescued bees, who were up for extermination, but nobly saved in their final moments and relocated to a safe haven, where they could continue serving the population at large. Proceeds from your purchase, today, go directly towards the efforts of saving hundreds of thousands of bees every month.

And if legend has it, consuming Epic Honey might just help you develop prophetic abilities—and at the very least it tastes delicious. That sounds pretty epic to us.

If your only honey experience has been from a plastic bottle at the supermarket, find out why natural honey tastes a hundred times better and was the preferred drink of the gods.


Epic Honey ™ Company is the collaboration of two creative minds. Walter Schumacher (the “bee-czar“) and John Paul DeJoria (Patron, Paul Mitchell) realized that there was a business opportunity to be made and a cause to support. After Walter had explained his mission to save the world by rescuing feral honey bees from unwanted places—walls of homes, etc—JP (as we call him) was all in.

They decided to start a company that would distribute the world’s best honey, produce the highest quality beeswax products (lip balm, hemp salves, etc) and siphon-off profits to help fund Walter’s donation-based, pro-bono bee rescue efforts. In practicality, it would be the prime example of conscious capitalism: Find a cause, build a business to create a sound and reliable revenue stream, and, finally, donate back to help sustain that noble cause.

Epic Honey ™ has bees and mother nature at its root, and it is reflected in its product portfolio. Most of the products have either beeswax or honey (or both) as an ingredient. The thought behind this is that re-using feral beeswax from rescued hives allows for there to be zero-waste: everything that is rescued will be repurposed, if at all possible. The honey needs to be consumed as an edible or cosmetic ingredient, because after a rescue is performed, giving the honey back to the hive can cause serious infestation issues.

Furthermore, Epic Honey ™ ensures that no ingredients that you struggle to understand (let alone pronounce!) will be used. Only ones that are of the highest quality and non-chemical. We prefer ingredients that are naturally occurring or marginally affected by human action (such as the steam distillation of essential oils) rather than nasty alternatives that are unfit for human consumption and use.

Try our top-of-the-line products, and simultaneously help save bees! Win, win!