Wild Honey the way
nature intended it—insanely delicious.

Straight from rescued beehives to you. You’ll never taste a more satisfying Texas honey.



About Epic Honey

Did you know that much of the off-the-shelf honey you see in big chain supermarkets has been processed or treated, leaving most people disappointed with the taste and lack of medicinal benefits? Epic Honey is a whole new experience…
Your purchase of Epic Honey products supports the rescue & relocation of 100,000s of local honey bees every year.

Real Taste

Epic Honey is on a mission to share the real taste of wild local honey with the world. Rediscover the honey from your childhood, or try it for the first time.

Zero Contaminants

You can taste the difference when honey hasn’t been cooked, processed, or exposed to contaminants & pesticides. Give natural honey a go.

From Rescued Bees to You

1,000s of hives are exterminated every single year. Bee rescue allows these bees to live & thrive. Our products are the direct result of bee rescue resulting in “the best honey you can get next to owning your own beehive!“


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100% Raw Co-Op Honey

Directly from the hive, this honey comes from partners who house our rescued & relocated bees. Every jar literally goes towards saving the bees. Excellent flavor, raw, unfiltered, healthy honey.

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100% Raw African Co-Op Honey

Before its 8,000-mile journey from East Africa to Texas, this raw honey is harvested from wild and traditionally built hives, manually strained, then carefully stored by artisanal beekeepers living near the Nile River in South Sudan’s Kajo Keji region. The honey is 100% natural: created without use of artificial chemicals on bees or surrounding plants.

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100% Wild Honey

Wild Honey is made in the wild – the most natural honey available. When we rescue the bees from extermination, we harvest this honey from the combs they came from. The bees are rehabilitated and the honey is delicious!

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Guajillo Co-Op Honey

Honey from the area of Guajillo, TX is known for having the finest taste. It even won the ‘Best Tasting Honey’ contest in 1900 at the World Fair in Paris!  Our honey is nothing short of that. 4oz hexagonal jar of fresh Guajillo honey.

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Over 20 products—Made by Bees

Epic Honey is not just a honey producer. We offer a wide array of products from all-natural lip balms to soaps to shaving products and more! All of our products are the direct result of the beehives we rescue & relocate, meaning every purchase you make goes to support the restoration of the bee population.

Pictured: Our lip balms contain only the highest quality ingredients, such as precious feral beeswax we accumulate from our honeybee rescues. Condition and protect your lips with this all-natural solution from your friend—the honeybee.

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Bug Off Insect Repellent

We know how pesky bugs can be. Through our work rescuing and relocating feral beehives, we encounter almost every insect Mother Nature has to offer. That’s why we created Bug Off. This all-natural product is a do it all bug-be-gone spray, which our Bee Wranglers use every day when they venture outdoors. Created by expert outdoorsmen, safe enough for a child.

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, olive oil, propolis, and a unique blend of essential oils.

Profits from this spray go to the removal, relocation, and rehabilitation of feral honeybees in the great State of Texas.

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100% Wild Honey

This Delicious honey is harvested from one of our various Co-Op partners who have decided to house our bees and split the revenue from honey sales to fund our bee rescue operations.



Raw African Co-Op Honey

Epic Honey’s 100% Raw African Honey is the latest of several ongoing collaborations between social and environmental entrepreneurs in South Sudan and Texas.



Co-Op Honey

This Delicious honey is harvested from one of our various Co-Op partners who have decided to house our bees and split the revenue from honey sales to fund our bee rescue operations.


The Benefits of Raw Honey

In addition to a great flavor, Epic Honey is loaded with the best kind of nutrients and medicinal qualities. Below are just a few of the benefits of keeping honey as a staple in your diet.

Honey offers one of the best, all-natural boosts of energy you can get. It’s perfect for an active lifestyle, whether you’re backpacking, biking, hiking, surfing, or just making it through your work day.

Healthy Digestion

Natural honey is a popular home remedy for all kinds of digestive problems, including constipation and ulcers. Try tea with honey and lemon after your next meal.

Healing Ointment

Natural honey has long been used as a topical anti-bacterial treatment for minor cuts, burns, and scrapes. Replace Neosporin with honey for an all-natural remedy.

Immune Booster

Honey’s antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties can help your immune system defend you against illness, including the common cold. Local honey will help relieve allergy symptoms over time.


Featured Local Honey Retailers

Purchase all-natural, raw, local Epic Honey at these retailers.


We are honored that Wheatsville Food Co-Op—a full service, natural foods cooperative grocery store—is now carrying Epic Honey in both Austin locations.



Every single one of our products is the result of our team going in and saving one beehive at a time, rescuing and relocating it, and then delivering that honey to you just the way nature intended it to be. Time is the best storyteller and people have been coming back to get our delicious honey products for years.


Walter Schumaucher

CEO, “Bee-czar“

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